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On Page SEO tips for 2018


May 17, 2017
SEO is the most important thing to all webmasters, everyone needs it but don't know how to go about it. I have written different topics regarding seo in this great community, i advice you go through our SEO section and read the threads created there. Today i am going to write about On Page Seo, before i continue, i must let you know that there is a difference between On Page Seo and Off Page Seo.

Off Page Seo
This is th part of SEO has to do with your metrics that affect it that don’t have to do with the content on your page, Off Page Seo consist of Backlinks, Page Rank, Domain Authority and so on.

On Page Seo
This has to do with optimizing your website pages and content to show up on search engines with keywords, meta tags and so on.

Now back to the topic On Page Seo tips

1. Add keywords to your Title tag
Title tag is very important in every website because this is what search engines use to index your post/contents.

2. Meta Tags
This is very important because it shows your page description on search engines to your viewers when they search for anything any your page comes up. Your meta tags should include 130 to 160 characters, and also contains your page keywords.

3. Heading tags
We have different H tags, we have h1 to h6 and they all have their importance but h1 is recommended for headline because this is the most important tag and this is what search engines look for and index as the title, and your headlines should contain keywords.

4. Optimize your image
Always use ALT in all your images because search engines can't read your images but can read the ALT text of the image and always try to compress your image because it can slow down you page.

5. Internal Links
Try as much as possible to always link your post/contents like leaving to another content in your website relating to the topic.

6. External Links
This is very good linking your contents to top quality blogs for it boosts your seo and page rank.

7. Write Long Contents
Although not everyone likes reading long contents but its good for seo, in this post i said you should avoid long contents because some visitors gets scared of long contents and they quickly close the page but its advisable to write long contents for seo and try as much as possible to make it readable.

8. Page Speed
Fast loading website makes your visitors happy and want to view other pages in your website/blog, fast loading website also makes search engines bot happy and helps them index your page perfectly.

9. Keywords
Keywords is one of the essential element in a website because this what search engines uses to index and display your page on search engines when people searches for that keyword.

These are the best On Page Seo tips i think you should practice this 2018 for better indexing and i guarantee you, you will love and enjoy blogging.