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Off Page SEO tips for 2018


May 17, 2017
Off page seo is not all about link building, it also consist of social media metrics, user engagement, social bookmarking, forum posting and other factors to improve your website rank in search engine results page (SERP). Before we continue, you should read about On Page SEO tips for 2018.

Guide to Off Page SEO

1. Backlinks
This is the key to rank on search engines, without backlinks i'm sorry you are wasting your time to rank on first page. Backlinks is very necessary for bloggers and content marketers but be careful of bad backlink, backlinks makes search engines trust your website most especially if the backlink is from high authority website your rank will increase very fast.

Things Google consider before ranking a website
  • The number of domains linking - The number of domains linking to your site is one of the most important ranking factors
  • Page rank of a page linking - The links from the high page rank website is considered more than the links from low PR pages. Yes, try to get links from high PR pages.
  • The number of linking page - It is always recommended to have more links from individual domains rather than from a single domain.
  • Authority of linking domain - A link from low pagerank page on a high pagerank site is better than from a low pagerank one.
  • Number of dofollow links - As Google officially stated that it won’t count nofollow links while ranking, it considers dofollow links.
  • Contextual links - The links within the content of the page are worth more than the links in a sidebar.
  • Links from homepage - The links from a homepage of a linking domain carry more strength than those on one of its pages.
  • Link relevancy - The links from pages related to your pages topic carry more relevancy for search engines.
Guest posting is a great way of getting backlink, most people neglect this and does not consider it as a way of getting quality backlink rather they prefer using backlink generator which is not good because it can generate bad backlink for you. I advice you start guest posting to build backlinks for your website.

Broken links is very bad for user experience but it does not affect website ranking on serach engines. Although i advice to avoid broken links and if you have a broken backlink, i suggest you contact the website to rebuild their broken link most times this broken links are caused by expired host, migration or deletion. You can guest post on pearstep and get part of our traffic to your website

2. Answer Questions on Quora and PearStep
Answering questions on Quora is a great way of building link, PearStep is also a great way of building links in our question and answer section. Quora gets huge amount of visitors daily looking for answers to question same as pearstep. So i suggest you start practicing this.

Few Quora tips
  • Showcase your expertise: The answers you write on Quora should show your expertise to the readers. Answer only those questions that are relevant to your business as your intention is to build up your business. Once the readers trust your answers and get benefitted, they will start requesting you to answer their questions.
  • Google displays your answer in search results: It is one of the best ways to reach to your audience. If your answer is accepted by many people in the form of upvotes, Google shows your answer in search results whenever user types for related query.
  • A long term strategy to drive traffic: If your answer is crafted very nicely and provides in-depth answer then it generates good amount of traffic ever.
  • Know where you are mentioned: Follow all the topic that are related to your business. In this way, you can know, if you are mentioned anywhere.
  • Learn from other experts: Most of the people spend a pretty good amount of time on Quora. You can learn many tips from them to grow your business.
  • Provides sales opportunities: If you are regularly interacting with your readers, you will find sales opportunities too. It will help you to generate leads.
Practice this and you will be glad you did.

3. Submit your contents to directories / forums
Like guest posting, submitting you post to forums and directories is a great way of practicing Off Page SEO because you get backlink to your website by doing so.
  • Social bookmarking sites: These are the best platforms to promote your stuff. When you post on popular social bookmarking sites, it helps in gaining more traffic to your blog. Some of the sites are: reddit, stumbleupon, slashdot, digg, technorati.
  • Submit to forums: Make sure that you participate in each forum related to your niche and build connections with community. Make the best use of do-follow forums. Some of the forum sites where you can submit are: pearstep, blokube, Blog Engage, Indiblogger, bbpress, Warrior forum etc.
  • Blog directory submission: It helps to build quality backlinks. It takes time to get better results but it definitely helps in long run. Select a proper category under each directory and start submitting your posts. Networkedblogs, elecdir are good blog directories to submit posts.
  • Question and answer sites: You will get good amount of high traffic from question and answer websites. Join those sites and search for questions related to your niche, give helpful answer to any question. Don’t forget to give your blog link at the end of the answer. You can use the sites like Yahoo answers, PearStep Q&A, Quora, blurtit etc.
In conclusion Off Page SEO is best practice for Website ranking on search engines, use this tips to build your website and you won't be disappointed. Using this tips and combination of On Page SEO tips, there is nothing stopping you except you. I must give credit to BloggersPassion, they are the inspiration behind this post and most of the contents are from them.
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