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  1. Life


    DON'T INVEST IN BLOGGING IF YOU WILL NOT FOLLOW THESE 3 KEYS FOR BLOGGING SUCCESSFULLY BY DEJI SOTONWA 1) Don't invest in blogging if you are not ready to write well detailed contents consistently or invest in someone who will write those good content for your blog. Blogging is typically an...
  2. sunny

    Please help my adsense account has been disapprove for the 3rd time

    I log in to my adsense account yesterday and i discovered that it has been disapproved. And this is the 3rd such a thing is happening. I was ban the first time for invalid activity which i dont know anything about. This was the reply i got after i submitted my appeal..why do you guys suggest i...
  3. Life

    Getting traffic from quora

    For sometimes now people have been complaining on getting traffic, I have studied peoples want and needs in the blogging industries. Everyday new blogs are created but don't know how to drive traffic, I wrote about getting traffic using Facebook hashtags, reddit, news combinator and also steps...
  4. Life

    Newspaper 8.7 Wordpress theme by TagDiv 8.7

    Today i am sharing the latest newspaper theme by tagDiv which was recently updated to 8.5.1 on 6 of December 2017 and it has been updated to 8.7 on 15th of February 2018 . Newspaper theme has been the best selling wordpress theme, most people love the theme but can't buy it because there is no...
  5. Life

    How harmful is error 404 on Google search console?

    I am fully loaded lol.... I wrote about making your blogging style unique in 2018 which you can read here. Back to the topic, i have seen a lot of people being scared of error on their google search console and start asking questions like how to remove them, does it affect my seo, does it reduce...
  6. Life

    why your blog and blogging style should be unique in 2018

    Hmmm Christmas is almost here..... Wow I'm so happy lol Its been a while I've been on pearstep but I'm back now, thanks to all that was keeping the forum updated @вє๓є @abdegenius I thank you guys most especially....... I was expecting my Alexa to drop but It didn't.... Thanks once again...
  7. abdegenius

    Entclass Blog Templates Shared Free Download !

    Yes... As promised You can now download Entclass Clone Template 2017 V.1.0.0 Free... I Clone it my self it is not an exact replica but watch out for V.1.0.5 yes i will be giving it out for free to the general public so feel free to download and ask me question regarding any part you dont...
  8. abdegenius

    How To Rebrand Your Blog

    If you missed me last post "Why You Should Rebrand Your Blog In 2018" You can read it Here.. After seeing they needs to rebrand your blog ,the question 'how to rebrand your blog' comes to the table . You must be ready to make some sacrifice if you want to skyrocket your blog to the next level...
  9. abdegenius

    Why You Should Rebrand Your Blog In 2018

    Are you sure your blog have what it takes to make it through 2017 and possibly to 2018 and beyond? Do you want to still see 200 daily pageviews everyday in your Google Analytics Dashboard even in 2018? Do you really want to wake up everyday and write, share and promote your blog posts every day...
  10. sunny

    how do i add reply to comments on my wp blog

    pls how do I add reply to comments on my wp blog? @pearstep and others help.
  11. вє๓є

    Get In! I Really Need Help.

    Good Day To All Pearstepers, i wish @Life was here, but am qoinq straight to the point. Well, for a while now. I have been tryinq to focus on coding and build a blog at Xtgem, but its hard for me to settle down and focus on it. So need you guys help by telling me what to do and concentrate...
  12. S

    Wp masters come in please

    Please how can I upload my post file xml through file manager in cpanel Or how to reduce the xml file size mine is 4.98 or how to import post with URL link .....
  13. Alvin

    How To Optimize Your Wordpress Blog For Seo

    Does it really make sense to have a beautiful blog with well structured layouts that is not SEO optimized? Search engines like Google care less about the beauty of your blog design. Instead, they care more about your alt tags, file names, keywords, and hundreds of other really, really boring but...
  14. Alvin

    Special Announcement

    Hello Pearstep members, am bringing this public declaration that we have choosen the Pearstep blog of the month's winner which will be announced on Monday being 30th and promotion starts on 31st counting from 1st of November to 20th of November.... Don't loose hope yet, you can still make us...
  15. Samuel

    How to Create Your Own Blogger Blog Favicon Image - PearVibes

    How can I ever create my own blog favicon? I know this question has been running through your mind, mostly the new bloggers get stuck with this issue. In this tutorial today, I will be teaching my fellow bloggers how to add favicon image on a blogger blog. Maybe you have not heard of the...
  16. Alvin

    Special Announcement

    To all PearStep Community members, the campaign for Pearstep blog of the month is finally coming to an end. Remember the winner of the Pearstep blog of the month will be announced on 31st October and will be given free blog promotion for 20 days. Endeavor to drop your blogs if you are interested...
  17. mouthytech

    Idea I need help on how to use nabble

    I need someone to guide me on how to setup nabble
  18. Alvin

    Kick Off: Pearstep Community Blog Of The Month

    Pearstep Community Blog Of The Month is now Open. Start submitting your blogs on the comment section for review. A winner must emerge from us :cool::cool::cool::cool: I want to see the competitors now:):)
  19. Life

    What blogging problem are you facing now

    Today I'm in spirit, so drop all your blogging problems and I will try my possible best to fix it...
  20. вє๓є

    Who Knows About 000webhost.com Web hosting?

    Please; guys what do you think about this hosing company...is there any disadvantages of using its free hosting or i should just follow my thought and choose where i want to host my blog?